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reg, register

it checks if at least one of <file>... is not yet with status greater than 3, if yes, then fail. If not, then for each <file>... it creates an entry in <log_file> with status 1 (REGISTERED).


create an entry in <log_file> with status 4 (SKIP), which is practically the same as state 5 (PROCESSED), but it would be sometimes good to distinguish these two cases.

proc, processed

option produces an entry in <log_file> for each <file>... with status 5 (PROCESSED).

arch, archive

option firstly check if the last status of <file>... is 4 (SKIP) or 5 (PROCESSED), fail if not. If yes, then move all <file>... into <archive_dir> and set status to 6.


create an entry in <log_file> with status 0 (RERUN), which lets FR to act as no <file>... have been processed yet.

Log file <log_file> is an CSV file with this structure:


Possible States are standard EVL ones:

0 | RERU | Rerun
1 | RUNN | Running (Registered)
2 | FAIL | Failed
3 | CANC | Canceled
4 | SKIP | Skipped
5 | SUCC | Successful (Processed)
6 | ARCH | Archived


  ( reg[ister] | skip | proc[essed] | arch[ive] | rerun )  <file>...
  [--log-file=<log_file>] [--archive-dir=<archive_dir>]

evl fr
  ( reg[ister] | skip | proc[essed] | arch[ive] | rerun )  <file>...
  [--log-file=<log_file>] [--archive-dir=<archive_dir>]



log CSV file to be used, when not specified value from environment variable EVL_FR_LOG_FILE is used. If such variable is not set, by default $EVL_PROJECT_LOG_DIR/FR.csv is used.


possible only for ‘arch’ option and specifies the path to archive directory, if not specified, value is taken from environment variable EVL_FR_ARCHIVE_DIR. If not such variable is found, then fail.


These lines in EVL job (an ‘evs’ file):

Fr reg  /some/local/path/file
# Process file
Read    /some/local/path/file INPUT ...
Fr proc /some/local/path/file
Fr arch /some/local/path/file