EVL Anonymization

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Checksum Functions


(since EVL 1.0)

these standard checksum functions can be used in mapping this way for example:

*out->anonymized_username = sha256sum(*in->username);

When the argument is ‘nullptr’, it returns ‘nullptr’. But in such case you need to use pointer manipulation, so the example would look like:

out->anonymized_username = sha256sum(in->username);

Functions headers:

std::string  md5sum(const char* const str);
std::string  md5sum(const std::string& str);
std::string* md5sum(const std::string* const str);

std::string  sha224sum(const char* const str);
std::string  sha224sum(const std::string& str);
std::string* sha224sum(const std::string* const str);

std::string  sha256sum(const char* const str);
std::string  sha256sum(const std::string& str);
std::string* sha256sum(const std::string* const str);

std::string  sha384sum(const char* const str);
std::string  sha384sum(const std::string& str);
std::string* sha384sum(const std::string* const str);

std::string  sha512sum(const char* const str);
std::string  sha512sum(const std::string& str);
std::string* sha512sum(const std::string* const str);