EVL Anonymization

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EVL Functions

As an ‘EVL value’ in anon-config file, arbitrary EVL functions and expressions can be used. An input field is represented as ‘IN’.

All functions can be used in two ways:

  • with pointers (preferred)
  • without pointers (i.e. as referenced values, “with star”)

Option with pointers is preferred as it can handle NULL values (‘nullptr’ in fact). So these two examples:


are basically the same, but the first one might fail in case of using some standard C++ function and NULL value arrive. All EVL functions handle NULLs and (mostly) returns also NULL, so use ‘IN’ for them. In all other cases use better ‘*IN’.

There are these two rules in all EVL string manipulation functions described in this section:

  • When the first argument is a pointer, the function returns also a pointer.
  • When the first argument is ‘nullptr’, the function returns ‘nullptr’ as well.