EVL Anonymization

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Consider an anonymization project to be a folder, where we work on anonymization of some group of data. For example a group of data from business point of view. In most cases there would be only one or a couple of projects.

You can create a new project by hand or by a command:

evl anon project new my_project

It will create new directory my_project in current folder with default settings and subfolder structure.

Or you can a new project with sample data and configuration:

evl anon project sample $HOME/my_sample_project

It will create new directory my_sample_project in your home folder with a sample project.

The anonymization project directory structure is:


files generated by ‘evl anon build’ command


configuration csv files and settings sh files


folder for custom anonymization functions


anonymization jobs generated by ‘evl anon build’ command


workflows generated by ‘evl anon build’ command

All files in build, run and workflow directories are completely generated based on configuration file(s) configs/<source_name>.csv.