EVL Anonymization

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Release Notes

Versions numbering: EVL Anonymization x.y.z

x – major release, i.e. big changes must happen to advance this number

y – minor releases, i.e. introduce new features

z – bugfixes


Version 0.1 (2019/03)

Initial version of Anonymization Microservice.
EVL version needed: 2.0
New features: Anonymization, Unique Anonymization, Checksum, Salted checksum, Tokenization.

Version 0.2 (2019/07)

Randomization added, dates and timestamps handling improved.
EVL version needed: 2.1
Changes: Function names refined, dates/timestamps ‘9999-12-31’ and ‘4712-12-31’ are not anonymized by default.
New features: Masking, Randomization, Min and max can be specified also for dates and timestamps.

Version 1.0 (2020/01)

Excel sheet can be used as config, workflow generator introduced.
EVL version needed: 2.2
Changes: project folder structure reorganized, Anon type names get shorter.
New features: EVL workflow generator, project generator.

Version 1.1 (2020/05)

EVL version needed: 2.3
New features: predefined business anonymization types, config file checker

Version 2.4 (2020/10)

Version numbers synchronized with EVL, EVL Manager added – a graphical interface, IBAN anonymization, anonymization by lookup.
New features: business anon type ‘ANON_IBAN’, anon function ‘ANON_LOOKUP’.

Version 2.5 (2021/04)

Renamed from EVL Anonymization to EVL Data Anonymization, files can be read/written from/to Samba, HDFS, SFTP, AWS S3 and Google Storage, EVL Microservice common config file structure.