EVL Anonymization

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Version 1.0



EVL Version needed



Folder structure reorganized. Next to CSV, also an intelligent Excel config file can be used (list values, syntax checking). Job generators enhanced and generation of EVL workflows added.

  • project folder structure reorganized,
  • Anon type names get shorter: ‘ANONYMIZE’ changed to ‘ANON’.
New features
  • an intelligent Excel config file can be used (list values, syntax checking),
  • project generator,
  • EVL Workflow generator,
Migration script

Create new project in current directory:

evl anon new project your_project_name

Then modify your configs in old project:

# cd to your project directory
for i in anon-config.*.csv
  mv $i $i.bckp
  sed 's/;ANONYMIZE/;ANON/' $i.bckp >$i

and copy them into your new project directory:

cp anon.*.csv your_project_name/

And copy all your custom settings from ‘project.sh’ and ‘run/generate_jobs.*.evl’ files.