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Table of Contents

Compound Types


Members can be one of the primitive data types.


Members can be of any primitive data type or vector or again structure.

Example of evd file, which defines ‘vector’ and ‘struct’ data types:

int_field         int        sep="|"
struct_field      struct     sep="|"
  double_field    double     sep=";"
  date_field1     date       sep=";"  null="1973-01-01"
vector_field      vector     sep="\n"
  datetime_field  datetime   sep=","  null="0000-00-00 00:00:00"

Elements of ‘vector’ or ‘struct’ are distinguished by indentation in yaml style.

struct’ and ‘vector’ are especially useful for reading and writing JSON and XML files.

Then in mapping you can manipulate the whole structure or vector with ‘in->struct_field’ or ‘in->vector_field’. Particular element of ‘struct’ you can then reach by ‘in->struct_field->double_field’ for example.