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(since EVL 2.4)

Create/update EVL section of current user’s crontab based on ‘crontab.sh’ file from current directory or from <project_dir>.


evl crontab update 
  [-p|--project=<project_dir>] [-v|--verbose]

evl crontab
  ( --help | --usage | --version )


-p, --project=<project_dir>

specify project folder if not the current working one

Standard options:


print this help and exit


print short usage information and exit

-v, --verbose

print to stderr info/debug messages of the component


print version and exit


  1. There is a ‘crontab.sh’ file in the EVL project created by ‘evl project new’ or ‘evl project sample’. It is usually a good start.
  2. Example of ‘crontab.sh’ file:
    # crontab.sh -- schedule EVL project workflows
    # This file is processed by 'evl crontab update' command to create/update crontab entries
    # Schedule workflows per environment
    case "$EVL_ENV" in
        # Run workflow/sample.ewf Mo-Fr at 8:10, 10:10, 12:10, ..., 16:10
        schedule 10 8-16/2 * * 1-5 sample.ewf
        # Run workflow/sample.ewf Mo-Fr at 5:10am
        schedule 10 5 * * 1-5 sample.ewf
        # Restart (with the same Order Date) Mo-Fr at 6:10am
        schedule --restart 10 6 * * 1-5 sample.ewf
        # Run workflow/sample.ewf daily at 5:10am
        schedule 10 5 * * * sample.ewf
        # Restart (with the same Order Date) at 6:10am
        schedule --restart 10 6 * * * sample.ewf