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Table of Contents

EVM Mappings

Important: Any C++ functions can be used in EVL mapping. Many of the following EVL functions only helps handling ‘nullptr’, which represents NULL values.

All the functions are further sorted by name, so for better orientation here is an overview by usage groups.

Output Functions

Important: There are several characters when used in an EVD field name which must be handled different way in EVM mapping:

Number at the beginning

When the field name starts with a number then in the mapping must be used prefixed by underscore. E.g. field 01_bill_type would be referenced in mapping as _01_bill_type.

Non-alphanumeric characters

All non-alphanumeric characters in field name have to be referenced in mapping as underscore. E.g. field $bill type (9) would be referenced in mapping as _bill_type__9_.