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Float and Double

Float and double are standard C++ data types.


size: 4 Bytes, range: ± 3.4 × 10±38 (about 7 digits)


size: 8 Bytes, range: ± 1.7 × 10±308 (about 15 digits)

Except ‘sep=’, ‘null=’, ‘quote=’, ‘optional_quote=’, no other options are possible for these data types.

Note: Compared to decimal(m,n) data type, operating with floats and doubles (doing summations for example), usually leads to approximated values. So it is usually good idea to avoid using these data types for money and such.


With EVD file

sent_mb      float  sep="|"  null=""
received_mb  float  sep="\n" null=""

you can read source csv file like this: