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(since EVL 2.1)

When no <email> is specified, the default (comma separated list of) recipients are taken from environment variable ‘EVL_MAIL_TO’.

When environment variable ‘EVL_MAIL_SEND’ is set to 0, then no e-mails are sent by this command. Useful to be set for non-production environments.

Mail’ command will call command from environment variable ‘EVL_MAIL’ which suppose to be standard Unix command mail with possible other parameters.


is to be used either in EVL Job or in EVL Workflow structure definition file, i.e. in ‘evs’ or ‘ews’ file.

evl mail

is intended for standalone usage, i.e. to be invoked from command line.

EVS is EVL job definition file and EWS is EVL Workflow definition file, for details see man evl-evs(5) or ewf-ews(5).


  <subject> <message> [ <email>[,...] ]
  [-a <attachment>]... [-c <cc_email>[,...]] [-b <bcc_email>[,...]]

evl mail
  <subject> <message> [ <email>[,...] ]
  [-a <attachment>]... [-c <cc_email>[,...]] [-b <bcc_email>[,...]]

evl mail
  ( --help | --usage | --version )


-a <attachment>

attach the given file to the message, can be used several times to add more files

-b <bcc_email>[,...]

send blind carbon copies

-c <cc_email>[,...]

send carbon copies

Standard options:


print this help and exit


print short usage information and exit


print version and exit


  1. Following setting will e-mail carbon copy of every e-mail to ‘admin@server’:
    export EVL_MAIL='mail -c "admin@server"'

    Following invocation of "Mail":

    Mail "Job Failed" "Job extract_file_billing failed."

    will actually run:

    echo "Job extract_file_billing failed." | \
        mail -c "admin@server" -s "Job Failed" "$EVL_MAIL_TO"

    and log appropriate information into EVL or EWF log.

  2. For non-production environment it worth to set:
    export EVL_MAIL_SEND=0

    so then in example 1. you will obtain only such a warning in a log file:

    EVL_MAIL_SEND is set to 0, so no e-mail was sent to \
       "$EVL_MAIL_TO" with subject "Job Failed".