EVL Anonymization

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Source Settings

Once we have a project directory, we would like to add a source, which could be a folder with files or a database.

What and how should be anonymized is specified in a config and setting files. Config file could be a csv file and setting file is a shell script with variables definitions.

Each source would have one config and one setting file.

To create a new empty config and setting files, run:

evl anon source new my_source

which creates two files in current project folder


To create a pre-generated config and setting files, based on a folder with source csv files:

evl anon source new my_source --guess-from-csv=data/source

which goes through all csv files in data/source folder and fill in config file entity names (i.e. file names), field names based on headers, data types and null flag of a field.

If the current directory is not the project’s one, specify the path to the project by option ‘--project=<project_path>’.

See Config File for detailed information about config files.